Call me Betty

"Vintage style for a modern woman"

What does that mean? well it means I've taken the best bits of vintage styling, shape and design and combined them with up to date sizing and a new silhouette to accomodate a modern womans body. The best of both worlds I'd say!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Places to find & buy your Call me Betty dress

you'll see to the left there are a few clickable links, you can buy your new 'call me betty' dress from Ebay or from Asos Marketplace!! and as soon as i get it all up and running again, the facebook shop!

happy shopping

February giveaway

you might have seen on facebook, or you might not, after reaching and exceeding the magic 1000 fans!!! (thank you so much for all the suggesting my facebook faithful!) i'm having a february giveaway!! well it'd be rude not to after all your hard work!! so i shall be giving away an 'audrey' dress of your choice from my ebay shop!!

i hope you'll join in the fun, all you have to do is go to the facebook page, see the picture on my wall of sailor cherry in the audrey with water melons and put a comment, it can be anything, let you imagination run wild, and on friday 4th feb i'll announce the winner!

good luck

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

sundae's child

I've had this fabric in the unit for a while and been trying to decide what to do with it, and i know now, 'grace' how pretty in ice cream sundae's she will look....
oh and since i only ordered one roll of each, that's only around 6 dresses!!! so 6 red, 6 pink! best get in quick then!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Has to be a best seller!

This beautiful creation has to be the best or at least quickest selling dress to date, in less than a month the entire quantity have almost gone!! i have a 12 and a 14 left if anyone needs one get in touch asap! i say "needs" because i hear time and again, "I NEED THAT DRESS" haha!
Model: Peggy Soo
Photographer: YUKIdoll

Business know-how

Its all well and good as I'm finding out, to be a good designer, to love your job, be passionate, put heart and soul into it, but if you want to run a business you have to do it properly, so my accountant, my husband, my friends and my folks keeps reminding me, so here I am at 9pm on some idle Tuesday looking for a Basic book keeping course in lil ol Hartlepool, it's got to be done!

*SALE* time

well it is january!!

so i have a sale section on the ebay page there are links below and to the left, pick up a bargain, i must make way for new stock! so you can pick up a 'Marilyn' for £35!!!, or last seasons 'Grace' for £49.99, that's more than 15% off!

happy shopping!

Amazing Grace

For those of you who might be new to Call me Betty, Grace is my most versitile and by far the most popular style i've produced so far, I've had three sets of grace made so far all in different printed fabrics, and generally I'll have around ten dresses per fabric made, that means a little bit of exclusivity for you at a very very reasonable price!!

So it's that time again, time to pick new fabrics!!, I love this part of designing and i'd like your input, if there's a fabric out there you'd love to see made into this wonderful dress, or you have an idea you'd like to share, please get in touch, i'd love to hear your ideas!

Hey did you know 'Call me Betty' has a blog!?

ok ok so it's brand new, but hey hopefully i'll remember to keep updating this blog with what's new, sales, things i like and other fun things! so please check back occasionally and i'l pop links on facebook and twitter!