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What does that mean? well it means I've taken the best bits of vintage styling, shape and design and combined them with up to date sizing and a new silhouette to accomodate a modern womans body. The best of both worlds I'd say!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

bag of goodies

arrived today filled with things for making fascinators/hair accessories, now if only i can find the time to sit and play with them i may be able to create something pretty to go along side the dresses, but i think it may still be a while!!

i want to make floral fascinators and accessories mostly i think, i keep forgetting that ideally they should go with the dresses i'm making so that's the other half of my plan to try and coordinate my creative efforts, but for the least organised woman on the planet this may be a task in itself!!

wish me luck!?

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